Celebrating a Life Well Lived at Haiti Made

Celebrating a Life Well Lived at Haiti Made

It's with great sadness that we announce the passing of "EYA" (pronounced "AH YEAH" - his nickname because his favorite thing was saying “ah yeah” to everything asked of him), one of our Haiti Made employees.

Our team decided to share Eya's story with all of you because through his work at Haiti Made, his presence within our company made a big difference.

While it is common in America to see disabled adults working at jobs in the community, it's not as common in Haiti. When our team spotted Eya and offered him an opportunity to work for Haiti Made, he showed up an hour earlier than needed the next day. He worked hard making beanies, or many other products we sell with minimal assistance and a smile on his face. He was known for always giving a thumbs up, this was his way of indicating everything was alright, he could do what we asked him to do.

The contributions he made at Haiti Made were a clear demonstration that a Haitian man with Down Syndrome can learn to develop good work skills, grow deep connections with his co-workers, and independently walk his path.

While we are sad to lose him, we are so proud of him and the mark he has made on his community and his country. Our staff will pursue to employ those who are marginalized, seen as too different to contribute, those who may just need an opportunity to give us a thumbs up.
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