Our Story


Haiti Made was born out of a deep desire to see the Haitian people empowered by sustainable and dignified employment as a part of a larger effort to promote economic growth and to fight to keep families together. More than half of Haiti’s people are living in abject poverty, and the orphan and child slavery crisis in their nation is largely fueled by lack of employment. With these factors spiraling Haiti into further economic turmoil, job creation has been proven to succeed where perpetual aid measures have failed. Employment means provision, stability, and the preservation of family.  One job created in Haiti often supports up to ten others.  Our hope is to see the Haitian people holding the keys to their own economic recovery, empowered to envision a brighter future.   

Haiti Made was originally started under the Hands and Feet Project, a non-profit that has been doing incredible work in Haiti since 2004.  Our staff takes pride in crafting products of the highest quality, design, and functionality using leather sourced with in Haiti.  Women rescued from human trafficking, young men and women transitioning out of orphan care, parents seeking to provide for their children, and Haitians from many other walks of life are finding themselves able to provide for themselves, their family, and other extended family by joining the Haiti Made team. Like most of the Haitian people, they aren’t looking for handouts. They’re looking for a path to sustainable responsibility for their own economic future.

Haiti Made is united around quality products, dignified jobs, and economic sustainability in an effort to diminish abject poverty and fight against the orphan and child slavery crisis in Haiti.