Exciting News from Haiti Made! 🇭🇹

Exciting News from Haiti Made! 🇭🇹

Dear friends and supporters of Haiti Made and it’s amazing Artisans,

We come to you today with some new and exciting information. As of this month, Haiti Made will be going back under the leadership of the Hands & Feet Project. Many of you will remember, Haiti Made was started as a program under the non-profit organization back in 2012. In the past six years, we have grown the Haiti Made team to 45 full and part-time team members. They are the heartbeat of Haiti Made. Together, we have been united around quality products, dignified jobs, and economic sustainability in an effort to diminish the poverty cycles in Haiti. Simply put, our hope has been to create jobs, support families and grow communities. Hands & Feet Project is united in this same hope.

Please understand, this is anything but the end for Haiti Made, it is a new beginning. A beginning that we hope will offer new opportunities, provide key stability, and above all, help both Haiti Made and Hands & Feet Project execute and fulfill their respective missions.

Lastly—and most important of all—from Haiti Made, thank you to all our customers, partners, and followers for all you did over the past 6 years. Your incredible and generous support year after year made our mission possible. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, all of you were the force behind our mission to build and create a circle of trade centered around quality products, dignified employment, and endless opportunity and possibility for the Haiti Made team. We will never forget what you helped us accomplish.

There’s much more in store for Haiti Made in the future, and we look forward to each of you being a part of that. Stay tuned for an exciting 2023 to come, and here’s to a future filled with health, prosperity, love, faith, and hope for Haiti!

With Gratitude,  

Haiti Made


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Patrick Austin

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