Pentire Paper Mache Birds (Set of 2)

$ 33.00

"Pentire" means painted in Creole. The set of 2 Pentire Paper Mache Birds is the perfect addition to your decorations this year. These handmade birds will find their perfect nesting place in your house and are sure to catch people's attention.

  • Handcrafted in Haiti
  • Each bird has a unique design and pair perfectly together
  • Decorative use only


Bird with wings down

  • Height 4"
  • Width 3"
  • Length 6.5"

Bird with wings up

  • Height 5.5"
  • Width 4.5"
  • Length 6"

This is a handmade item, so there will be variations in color, size, and markings, adding to the unique character of the product.

Limited Stock Available.