Introducing Haiti Made FC!

Introducing Haiti Made FC!

Haiti-Made-Soccer-Team-1-2Introducing Haiti Made FC! This past month we had the pleasure of organizing a Haiti Made soccer team for a local soccer tournament headed up by Pastor Lex at Mission of Hope in Grand-Goâve. The team sported AC Milan-esque uniforms which feature a color scheme and style similar to Haiti's historic red and black national colors. The team performed very well, achieving a final record of 3-1-2 and making the top 8 in the tournament before losing in the knockout round.






Peterson and Claudeson served as the team's coaches. The team itself consisted of Jonas, Fendy, Wodlin, Romy, Michel, Parker, Jameson, Louines, Avril, Luckson, Erick, Etzer, Schnayder, Eberson, Filius. Haiti Made's Haiti Operations Coordinator, Parker Touchton also pitched-in and played a few matches too! We are very proud of how they all performed together, with a high level of fair play and teamwork. We can't wait to see how they'll do at the next tournament!

Like almost everywhere else in Latin America and the Caribbean, soccer is the most popular sport in Haiti. So the next time you are in Haiti, make sure you know a couple of soccer related words in Haitian Creole!

Here's a small cheat sheet of soccer related words in Creole for you!

    • Soccer = Foutbòl
    • Game = Jwèt
    • Field = Teren
    • Ball = Boul
    • Goal = Gòl
    • Kick = Choute
    • Kick the Ball = Choute Boul La
    • Pass = Pase
    • Pass the Ball = Pase Boul La
    • Coach = Antrenè
    • Player = Jwè
    • Forward = Avannsant
    • Midfield = Milye Teren
    • Defense = Defans
    • Goalkeeper = Meyè Gadyen
    • Team = Ekip
    • Win = Genyen
    • Lose = Pèdi
    • Champion = Chanpyon
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