Meet Our Team: The Haiti Made Portrait Series

Meet Our Team: The Haiti Made Portrait Series

For us, one of the things we are most proud of is that we have such a diverse team who come from all walks of life. Some Haiti Made staff are mothers and homemakers, others are young adults transitioning from Hands and Feet to the workforce at Haiti Made and studying at university, and some are just seasoned craftsmen and craftswomen who’ve spent most of their working careers using their hands to create beauty in one way or another. Each staff member has their own unique story and life experience. From this, the wide range of talents and abilities that each staff member brings to the team is truly one of our greatest strengths.

Most who have followed us since the beginning or have visited us here in Haiti already know many staff members, but with 50+ staff on the team now there are likely many who you have not met nor know by name.

We want to change that.

This June we will be starting a portrait and interview series that features all current Haiti Made staff. Follow the series on any of our social media accounts below.

We invite you to meet the team and to get to know us all better!

A special shoutout to Nathan Piper and Zach Shores for the photography on this project!


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