Our New Home at Taïno Beach

Our New Home at Taïno Beach


Most who know us and have visited us in Grand-Goâve will know that Haiti Made operations were proudly based at Ikondo, the upscale hosting facility and initiative founded by the Hands and Feet Project. Since the beginning of this year however, Haiti Made operations have moved from Ikondo to a larger facility just outside of Grand-Goâve proper at Taïno Beach. The effort put forth in moving our operations has been considerable, but through these changes we are very excited for what the future holds.


We are grateful to Ikondo for these past few years and for our partnership that allowed us to grow to the company we are today in 2018. Our facility at Ikondo was a truly beautiful space for us to house our operations and for Haiti Made staff to blossom their skills and creativity. The Ikondo facility also allowed guests to get an up-close and personal experience of Haiti Made operations and production processes, which is something that few other companies can say they offer. (FYI - visitors of Ikondo, Hands and Feet, or anyone in the Grand-Goâve area are free to visit us at our new facility!)


As our 2017 year in review post attests to, we’ve undergone significant growth over the past year and a half, which required us to increase our staff size and overall output. The growth left us with the clear need for more facility space which would allow us to boost our production output and quality, while ensuring our staff could continue to thrive.


With immense blessing, we were able to source a larger facility just a few miles down the road from Ikondo at Taïno Beach, and now we can proudly call this facility our new home. The facility will serve as a unifying building for Haiti Made, bringing together teams of staff who were previously slightly disjointed into a more centralized location. The new Haiti Made facility boasts new amenities, sustainable solar-powered electricity, and large common areas and open air spaces for our staff as well.


With the new facility at Taïno Beach, we are excited for the future as we now have the ability and capacity to manufacture more largescale custom product orders and high-quality custom retail goods for our partners. As such, the future of Haiti Made is moving more toward these segments of business. We thank God for all that we have been blessed with at Taïno Beach, and we look forward to the future as we start new and exciting ventures, create new products, and begin new partnerships!


Pictures of our facility at Taïno Beach below!












Haiti Made


Haiti Made

I know about this project from a local friend. I am an haitian (from grand-gôave), actually i am in Brazil. I really appreciate the project, it is be a great opportunity both for the community and for country to show the other side of Haiti.
May God bless and protect you guys

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